Wonder Woman’s Armpit Hair

Mind your own business.  If Wonder Woman wants to groom, let her groom 

What’s the problem here?  Is it a historical issue?  Are we really at that point in society where we have nothing better to do than berate a comic book character because we don’t think something about her is culturally and historically accurate?  She’s a comic book character.    I can’t emphasis this enough.  By the way, I read my Greek mythology.  I don’t recall it saying Amazons didn’t groom.  They were smelly, they refused to allow their asshole husbands marital favors, and they were sassy independent women who didn’t need no man.

It’s bothersome that supposed feminist of all genders are speaking out against a well-groomed Wonder Woman.  As a feminist (and a hater of armpit hair on both men and women), I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  If she chooses to shave, I say, “Stay strong, sister.”  If she wants to braid her underarm hair, I say, “Go for it.”  If she dyes it bright purple, I think, “Weird, wouldn’t the chemicals cause a rash” but say “To each her own.”

It’s also believed that Wonder Woman was originally hirsute and that men fearing the female body, used cinema magic to erase her armpit hair.  What?  Armpit hair is both sexual and symbolic of female power?  What are we, Samson?

If you have a daughter and you want her to be comfortable with her body (and if you really think armpit hair is an issue), raise her that way.  Don’t allow razors into your home.  Explain to her that there is nothing wrong with hair and she is beautiful in her natural state.

If you have a son, and you want him to be comfortable with women in their natural form, raise him to appreciate a woman’s body as it is.  If your dream is a future of hairy, bearded men, and unshaved women go for it.  Personally, I’m not into the Cousin It look.

This world would be a happier place if people just concentrated on their own life.  However, if we’re going to discuss comic book characters, can we please concentrate on the real issues?  For example, let’s discuss the need of superheroes – both male and female – to wear skin tight clothing.  Their outfits don’t look very flexible to me.  And how does Wonder Woman get her top to stay on while fighting?  Women who wear sleeveless dresses are always adjusting them and she’s jumping around kicking butt without one single adjustment – is that what makes her a wonder?

2 responses to “Wonder Woman’s Armpit Hair”

  1. I have so much to say here but my hands are shaking with laughter. Let me calm the heck down.

    Seriously? People are talking about WW’s armpit hair? There are a lot of people with idle time on their hands. Right, probably because of all the time they’re saving from not shaving. But, really, people associate shaving with appearance way too much. I dress pretty conservatively with no occasion for exposing my armpits and still shave under there – it’s just more hygienic. Though, if someone wanted to go au naturel, power to them.

    More importantly, kudos to you for figuring out one of comic books’ mysteries. Kicking butt while not adjusting her tube top, that must be it. 😂😂

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  2. My husband walks into the living room last night and asks, “What’s going on with Wonder Woman and her armpit hair?” I looked it up, and was nearly knocked over by the outrage.

    My shoulders and arms are almost always covered – I’m not a tank top kind of woman. I shave, not for society, not for my husband, but for me.

    Growing up, Wonder Woman was my favorite superhero – there weren’t many to choose from. I had a WW bathing suit, lunch box, and Halloween costume. I’m not really into comic book heroes and movies, but WW is different. They can’t ruin Wonder Woman for me! Lol!

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