Musings: One Season Wonders – Oh, Keen Eddie How I Miss You!

It’s not fashionable to admit this, but I love to watch TV.  It’s not my only pastime, and I won’t watch just anything, but I look forward to my shows.  When I like a series, I become a loyal viewer, never missing an episode.  I have watched the Winchester brothers save the world from Armageddon more than once on Supernatural and will continue to tune in each week for as long as the actors and writers are willing to entertain me.  My son and I still watch Psych reruns because we can’t accept the fact the Shawn and Gus have moved on (we haven’t Mr. Roday and Mr. Hill).


As I said, I am a loyal viewer, but the powers that be can cold-hearted.  There have been many shows I’ve tuned into and loved that were canceled after the first season, leaving me longing for more.


Following are five shows I loved that the Networks canceled after one season:


Keen Eddie

Detective Eddie Arlette (Mark Valley) is a wisecracking N.Y. detective who goes to London to work with Scotland Yard following a lead on a botched drug bust.  He has zero respect for authority, but manages to solve the case with Inspector Monty Pippin (Julian Rhind-Tutt) who becomes his partner after he is asked to stay.  While living in London, he is at odds with the roommates who are forced on him: Fiona (Sienna Miller) and her cat; his dog and Fiona’s cat have a thing – I’ll say no more.

Overall, this show was hilarious.  Every year when new shows are announced, I always hope for a remake.



Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) is a 200-year-old man cursed with immortality  He works as a medical examiner in the New York City Morgue.  While working with the police, he tries to figure out how to become mortal again.  Two points of interest:  whenever he dies, he comes back in water (usually the Hudson River or the East River) naked, and his son is Judd Hirsch.


$#*! My Dad Says

A grown man moves in with his salty father and starts to tweet about the old-fashioned / crotchety things his father says.  It’s based on Justin Halpern’s Twitter feed.  William Shatner:  need I say more?



Mick St. John (Hawaii 5-0’s Alex O’Loughlin) is a vampire who works as a private investigator and falls in love with a mortal woman, Beth Turner (Sophia Myles).  At first, Beth isn’t aware that Mick is a vampire.  As a child, she was kidnapped by a vampire looking to start a “family”, and Mick saved her.  She is a reporter and they solve cases together.


The Dresden Files

This series was based on Jim Butcher’s series about Harry Dresden, a wizard who lives in Chicago and earns a living as a private investigator.  Dresden was played by Paul Blackthorne (Arrow).  If you haven’t see the show, check it out.  Better yet, skip the show and read the books – there are fifteen books with number sixteen on the way!


What shows have been canceled after one season, breaking your heart?  Please share in the comments section.  I’d love to hear which shows you’d love to see another season – or ten – of.

5 responses to “Musings: One Season Wonders – Oh, Keen Eddie How I Miss You!”

  1. I’m not much of a TV watcher, though I got addicted to Orphan Black which is back. A bit horrific, but fascinating to me.
    But I can really relate to disappointment when they take my childhood TV faves and destroy them with strange movies like Bewitched or The Flintstones. And why are the remaking perfectly good movies that are just a couple decades old? It’s ridiculously to do so in the same format. If they’re going to do it, make it better. I loved what live action instead of all animation did for Beauty and the Beast. It went beyond the first instead of just adding pop references and, in my opinion, mucking up the plot and putting in trendy actors like most remakes.
    Even so, there are so many scripts out there. Let’s make something new!

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    • We have this conversation all the time. There are so many remakes and many of them are poorly done. I am a big fan of the new Ghostbusters, and loved when they turned Buffy the Vampire Slayer into a TV show. Beauty and the Beast was amazing on Broadway; I can’t wait to see the movie. It sounds like it was good.

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      • The quality acting in the new B&B brought the story to life, literally, for me. They also kept the bar high for visual effects, and though different, I think they matched or surpassed the enchantment of the animated version. That’s great you saw it on Broadway. I’ll bet it was wonderful indeed.
        Especially as a writer it’s so hard to know there are so many great stories that never come to light. I understand that large film projects are insanely expensive, so it’s hard to take a risk, but it’s so worth it when you get that new classic. I hope your new favorite TV hangs around for a while! 🙂


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