My sister and I are the same kind of crazy.  We would do anything for each other and always have each other’s back.  In honor of National Sister’s Day, I thought Id share some childhood photos with you.


My sister and I at Nellie Bly amusement park in Brooklyn, ca 1970s. Check out my faux fur jacket. My sister still drives me around – just not in a cool fire engine.
Here we are, in our kitchen ready to dance and showing off our turtle Boxie (creative in the name department, weren’t we?). Btw, no, we were not taking dance lessons.
My first Holy Communion in 1980. Aren’t we little angels?
A little more true to form, lol!
Let’s Go Mets! Here we are at the NY Aquarium with our brother (he’s lucky to have us and he knows it – we tell him all the time, lol). Check out those groovy 1980s hair styles and clothes.

16 thoughts on “Happy National Sister’s Day!

  1. Lovely pictures Jo, thanks for sharing them. I think that’s the first time I’ve looked at a ‘photo post’ instead of ploughing through reams of text. Makes a nice change. BTW what is your sister’s name and which one are you 🙂

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