Why Didn’t You Click Like: Nancy Peterson Is My Soul Mate

I’ve attached a link to one of my favorite scenes from the 2015 Vacation movie ( Vacation 2015 scene: Why you didn’t click like. YouTube Clip ) – those of you who know me know I love to laugh and my taste in movies is somewhat eclectic.  When I first watched Vacation, I got a lot of side-eye during this scene.

For those of you who don’t have time to watch the 30 second link, Nancy Peterson is telling Debbie Griswold about her trip to Paris.  She pulls out her phone and shares pictures.  Debbie says she’s seen them on Instagram.  At this point, Nancy gets a little passive aggressive, pointing out that she didn’t know Debbie saw them because she never clicked “like”.  All of Nancy’s other friends clicked “like”.

Why would Debbie Griswold look at her pictures and not click “like”? It’s common courtesy.  It takes less than one second to click and let someone know you were there.

Who is in charge of social media etiquette?  I think this needs to be a thing.

Sure, I’m trying to build a professional presence on-line.  I can pretend my connection to Nancy is because of my desire to build a following.  It’s not.  I saw the movie before starting my blog and immediately related to Nancy Peterson.  I need the attention.

I have a problem.

Or a calling.  Maybe I’m destined to write a book on social media etiquette?

Are there any other people out there with my “problem”?

10 responses to “Why Didn’t You Click Like: Nancy Peterson Is My Soul Mate”

  1. Oh wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who read my blog would click the Like button and leave a comment. However, I think I understand why – WordPress requires you to register as a user in order to interact with a page and most non-bloggers don’t want to do that. In fact, before I started my blog, I didn’t do it either. So I am happy with the stats just from you reading. My Instagram, now that’s a different question 🙂

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    • I understand the “likes” on WordPress – or lack thereof. Most friends will like it on FB and not click the link (in an ideal world, everyone would do it, which would be nice because it increases web traffic, but I don’t expect it – unless you have a blog you don’t realize this is the case). I don’t hold it against anyone. People can like or not like at will. I still think the scene is funny!

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  2. OMG! I loved that scene, how she kept on going and going about it until she insisted Debbie does all the liking at the dinner table. All the while Debbie’s like, I hate her and I hate being jealous of her.
    And please, write that book, any book!

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