Missy’s Engagement Announcement

“Impressive, Lily. Not everyone can get lost with GPS.”

“Calm down, we’re almost there.”

“We’re going to be late.”  Missy Jackson was my best friend, but there were times she could test my patience.  Today was one of those days.

I should have told her to leave me alone when she arrived earlier that morning, begging me to join her on her trip to Milford.  I did say no, at first, but she talked me into it.  Her fiancé, Lonnie Riggs, hadn’t told his parents they were engaged.  He promised her he would make the announcement at his father’s seventieth birthday celebration that evening.

It was something they could handle themselves.  However, her father couldn’t go and she wanted me along for moral support.

It didn’t hurt that I had a car.

I sighed.  It was time to be a good friend and calm her down.  “You look beautiful.”

She smiled.  “Thanks, Lily.  I’m just nervous.  We’ve been engaged for six months and Lonnie hasn’t told his family we were dating, let alone engaged.”

I was shocked.  “You haven’t met his family?”

She shook her head.

“Do you think he’s already married?”

“No!”  She frowned.  “Not until you said it.  Now I wonder.”

“Sorry.  I’m sure it’s something else.”

“What?”  She asked, hopefully.

What, indeed?  Missy was a catch:  beautiful, smart, and rich.

We arrived at our destination.  Lonnie’s parents lived in a large Victorian on the main street.  I parked the car and we made our way to the door.

It wasn’t long before Lonnie responded to our knocking.  “Why are you here?”

“I’ll be damned, he didn’t know we were coming!”

“Of course not.  He would have found another excuse to delay.”  She looked at Lonnie.  “So, are you going to invite us in?”

I was holding my breath.




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