The B Team, a short comedy by J. Rusolo Ward

The B-Team is a 25-minute spoof of the popular 1980s hit TV show, The A-Team.  Four New York City caterers rent a store that once belonged to the A-Team.  Through a series of misunderstanding, the women end up getting hired to save some small mom and pop shops from being extorted by local neo-nazi thugs.


Concetta, feature length drama/comedy by Lori Martini, Maria Rusolo and J. Rusolo Ward

Concetta is the story of an older women with Alzheimer’s.  She is haunted by past decisions, which include putting her only child up for adoption.  On her good days, Concetta is a force to be reckoned with, and keeps her young caretaker on her toes.  It’s about a life well lived.

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