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A Promise Kept

Jenny raced out of her house, car keys in her hand, and dressed as if embarking on an adventure in the tundra.  Before getting into her Prius, she noticed a tiny, shivering boy sitting alone by the side of the road. “Nicky, did you miss the bus again?” “I’m sorry, Aunt Jenny.  I was making…


People have been sharing their dreams.  On WordPress, on Facebook, in person. I’m fascinated by the inspiring dreams my friends have.  I’ve had people share how they’ve written poems or stories after waking from a dream.  At the very least, they have these epic – and hilarious stories – to tell. I dream all the…

Jo Ann’s Gems: Unsolicited Advice

You do you and don’t worry about what other people have or are doing. (This is a jealously thing, not a distress thing – if a person is in distress or breaking the law, call for help).