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Jo Ann’s Gems: Unsolicited Advice

You do you and don’t worry about what other people have or are doing. (This is a jealously thing, not a distress thing – if a person is in distress or breaking the law, call for help).

Girl’s Weekend In NYC

Four women – lifelong friends since college – have been going on the same trip for many years.  They would take a long weekend in New York City where they would visit museums, catch a Broadway show, eat at fancy restaurants and do a little shopping.  It was their one constant in life, through marriages,…

The Importance of Being Rudyard

“Rudyard is a stupid name,” Gus declared. Lisa frowned.  “What about Oscar?” “As in Oscar Wilde?  Only if you want my nephew bullied.” “Dickens?” He gave her the thumbs down.  Looking at his brother-in-law, he said, “Dan, don’t let her name him.” “I’m surprised by how much I like her choices.” “See,” Lisa smiled triumphantly. …