Her Big Break

“London holds a secret, Lia.”

Lia frowned.  She wasn’t in the mood for one of his riddles.  She just got home from singing, dancing, and avoiding the roaming hands of dirty old men at some brat’s bar mitzvah.  “Yeah, it’s not New York.”  Lia spoke with a slight Brooklyn accent.

“Do you hate it?”

Lia considered the question.  Life was good.  She was making money taking gigs like today’s bar mitzvah.  She was living with her generous, but older, boyfriend, Trevor Wu.  He paid all the bills, which left her money for acting classes, singing lessons, and clothes.  But if she didn’t find a break out roll soon, she would give Los Angeles a try.

“No.”  She sighed prettily and leaned her head on his shoulder.  They sat by the fire sipping brandy.  “Sorry.  It’s been a long day.  What’s London’s secret?”

“Nepotism is alive and well.”

She smiled.  It was a monarchy.  People were advanced based on relationships all the time.  It was hardly a secret.  She said as much.

“My sweet American.  Leave it to you to see things like that.”  He looked at the flames.  “I love you.”

“Me too.”

They sat in silence for a while, before returning to the issue on his mind.  “My brother, Steven, called today.  He’s producing a new television show.”

He had her full attention.  “And?”

“He got you the female lead.  He can only promise one season, but it’s a start.”

It was!  But she sensed there was something more.

“It films in Canada.”


“Indeed.”  He put his arm around her.  “We can make this work.”

“Yes, we can.”  A tear ran down her cheek.  She could feel her life was about to change and it wouldn’t include Trevor.

It was his turn to sigh.  “Don’t forget me.”


2 responses to “Her Big Break”

  1. Very nice! I especially loved the fact that when he said “I love you” and she replied “Me too”, denoting she loved herself and then immediately had the opportunity to prove it. Also, the fact that plot conflict was introduced in the first line and superbly executed by the last. Now that’s writing with economy.

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