Girl’s Weekend In NYC

Four women – lifelong friends since college – have been going on the same trip for many years.  They would take a long weekend in New York City where they would visit museums, catch a Broadway show, eat at fancy restaurants and do a little shopping.  It was their one constant in life, through marriages, children, and various other life changes.

Two days before the group was to leave, Jennie’s husband put his foot down.  He had had enough, especially since this year’s trip was going to fall on Super Bowl weekend.  He claimed it was unfair of Jennie to expect him to host his annual party.  How could he watch the game if he was preparing food, and fetching beer?  He told her she wasn’t going.

Jennie’s girlfriends were outraged on her behalf, but they had learned long ago not to interfere in each others’ marriages.  They accepted her announcement without protest.

Two days later, the three women arrive at their hotel.  They missed Jennie, but were excited to unpack and get on with the festivities.

The opened their hotel room and were faced with a surprise.

“Jennie, when did you get here?  And how the heck did you convince that husband of yours to let you come?”  One friend asked.

Another piped in, “Did you kill the SOB?”

Jennie laughed.  “It’s a long story.”

“Dish.”  Her friends demanded.

Shrugging, she told her story.  “Last night, Jimmy was channel surfing when he came across Fifty Shades of Grey.  I wasn’t really paying attention, but he seemed into it.  It gave me an idea.  After the movie, I put on the sexy nightie he got me last Valentine’s day.  I poured some wine, lit some candles and lead him into the bedroom.  I told him the movie had inspired me.  He seemed really into it.”

“So, you had a night of passion and he changed his mind?”  asked one of her friends.

“Sort of.  I had his handcuffs from when he was in the police department.  I handcuffed him to the bed, and he said, ‘Do whatever you want.’ So, Here I am!”





Disclaimer:  Sorry folks, but I couldn’t help myself.  This is based off of an old joke about an unreasonable wife.  I felt the need to change it up a bit, because, as we all know, people can be unreasonable regardless of their gender.  I hope you chuckle over this!

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